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What To Expect From Lymphatic Drainage Massage Therapy

The human body's lymphatic system is a complementary structure to the circulatory system. If this system develops excess fluid, the lymph nodes can swell. Anyone who has had a doctor feel around their neck to diagnose illness knows about at least one set of lymph nodes. If these nodes struggle to drain, they can affect a person's health.  One of the common solutions to this problem is lymphatic drainage massage. Here are three things you should know about lymphatic drainage massage therapy. Read More 

Top Tips for Ordering from a Third-Party Weed Delivery Service

If getting to the dispensary is hard for you, then you may want to hire a third-party weed delivery service to bring you your cannabis. These companies will pick up the cannabis from the dispensary and bring it to you at your home or other address. Most services allow you to place your cannabis order online, and their systems are pretty easy to use. However, there are a few key tips worth considering before you order. Read More 

Enroll In A Reconnective Healing Program Today. Here’s Why.

Reconnective healing aims to improve the interaction between your body's energy fields and the universe's energy and light frequencies. The treatment does not focus on treating a specific ailment but on helping you achieve internal balance. Reconnective healing practitioners understand that a lot of issues with which people struggle arise from misalignments between their energies and the universe. Some of the benefits of reconnective healing include: Promoting Your Mental Health Read More 

CBD Health and Wellness Products for Your Pets

You want the best for your pet. CBD health and wellness products can keep them healthy and happy. Here's what you need to know. What is CBD? CBD or cannabidiol is a compound found in the hemp family of plants. Unlike its close relative THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD does not produce a psychoactive effect in people or pets. Are CBD products safe for pets? CBD products have become increasingly popular for humans, but you may wonder if they are safe for your pets. Read More 

Therapeutic Ingredients To Look For In Body Butter

Body butter can be a nice, intense moisturizing option for your skin. People often like to use it in the winter when dry, chapped skin is more of an issue. Any natural body butter should be fairly effective at relieving dry skin. But if you have some other underlying skin problems you'd like to address, then you may want to look for a body butter with one or more of the following therapeutic ingredients. Read More 

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Bad Breath Relief

I’m always embarrassed when my loving husband gently offers me a mint. For us, offering the other person a mint is code that he or she has bad breath. Regardless of how many times I brush my teeth or gargle mouthwash a day, I still sometimes suffer from bad breath. I especially deal with this issue after eating some of my favorite foods like onions, peppers, or fish. After researching this embarrassing problem online, I’ve discovered many natural remedies for it. Many of them revolve around things you probably already have in your pantry. On this blog, you will find out about different natural cures for bad breath.