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What To Expect From Lymphatic Drainage Massage Therapy

The human body's lymphatic system is a complementary structure to the circulatory system. If this system develops excess fluid, the lymph nodes can swell. Anyone who has had a doctor feel around their neck to diagnose illness knows about at least one set of lymph nodes. If these nodes struggle to drain, they can affect a person's health. 

One of the common solutions to this problem is lymphatic drainage massage. Here are three things you should know about lymphatic drainage massage therapy.

Low Intensity

Compared to other forms of massage, lymphatic massage is relatively light. The goal is to work the entire body lightly to encourage the lymphatic system to drain. A trained professional will massage a subject's skin to work the lymph fluid out of congested areas and back into the rest of the system. Generally, they will work from a person's extremities toward their heart to promote the circulation of the lymph.

Unlike many other kinds of massage, the therapist won't use any oils. Also, the client should experience no pain during the process.

Why Excess Fluid Develops

The lymph in your system interacts with many of your body's functions. Foremost, it releases white blood cells into your circulatory system to help your body fight off infections. As the white blood cells kill off various pathogens, the remnants of these invaders become waste. Your body then removes this waste through the lymphatic system.

Your body's organs and cells also produce waste, and the lymphatic system collects this too. Similarly, lymph fluid absorbs fats and proteins from your digestive tract and transports them to your bloodstream for use. Also, if you've suffered exposure to toxic chemicals, your body will attempt to remove them through the lymphatic system.

Any of these activities can cause fluid to accumulate. When that happens, a doctor might recommend lymphatic drainage massage therapy to try to clear the system out.

Expected Benefits

The top expected benefit is that your body will better circulate the lymph. Notably, this encourages a reduction in swelling. It also should help the body remove waste from your system.

If you've experienced a prolonged illness, the massage may reduce swelling and aid recovery. People with lymphatic cancers might also benefit from massage therapy. It is also a good choice for individuals who need to reduce their stress. Some people seek lymphatic drainage massage for cosmetic reasons, especially to improve the appearance of their skin. Most clients will see improvements within several sessions.   

Contact a local lymphatic drainage massage therapy service to learn more. 

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