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Top Tips for Ordering from a Third-Party Weed Delivery Service

If getting to the dispensary is hard for you, then you may want to hire a third-party weed delivery service to bring you your cannabis. These companies will pick up the cannabis from the dispensary and bring it to you at your home or other address. Most services allow you to place your cannabis order online, and their systems are pretty easy to use. However, there are a few key tips worth considering before you order.

Call the dispensary to see if they have your items in stock.

When you order from a delivery service, they do their best to keep their inventory list up-to-date according to what the local dispensaries have. But if a dispensary is out of something, the weed delivery service may not know until they show up to purchase what you've ordered. So, if you want a very specific strain or product, it's a good idea to call the dispensary and make sure they have it in stock. If they do, then you can place your order with the delivery service with confidence, knowing you'll get what you ordered.

Ask for discreet delivery, if needed.

Maybe you don't want your roommate to know what you've ordered, or perhaps you don't want the neighbors to see a box marked "cannabis" coming to your door. If so, you can ask the delivery service to use discreet packaging. Most are willing and able to do this. Some do it by default, and others only by request. If you want the delivery person to take any other discreet measures, such as parking around the corner, feel free to ask. They won't always be able to accommodate such requests, but they often can.

Tip the driver.

Cannabis delivery people are a bit like pizza delivery people in that they earn a portion of their wages from tips. So, it is considered appropriate to tip your cannabis delivery driver. You don't necessarily have to tip a full 20 percent of a large order, although it will be much appreciated if you do. A few extra dollars is sufficient, although you'll want to tip more if you live far from the dispensary or have asked the driver to take any extra measures to discreetly deliver your cannabis.

Having cannabis delivered to you can feel like such a relief. It's nice not to have to stand in line at the dispensary yourself. Follow the tips above for improved success.

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