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How Can Natural Medicine Doctors Help Patients Find Health And Wellness?

No matter what type, medicine is designed to promote the healing of the body and mind. Some people find that traditional Western modalities of medicine are too harsh. These people may prefer to seek care from a doctor who practices natural medicine. These are some of the things that natural medicine doctors can do to help their patients find health and wellness:

1. Treat the root cause of ailments.

Natural medicine doctors seek to understand the root cause of ailments of the body and mind. For example, Western medicine may treat anxiety and stomach upset as two separate conditions that are unrelated to each other. A natural medicine doctor may seek to uncover the root of your symptoms to treat the problem at its source. This can lead to greater improvement and lasting wellness.

2. Focus on nutrition and movement.

Food and exercise are two building blocks of mental and physical wellness. Food can be powerful medicine, especially when you focus on eating for nutrition as well as pleasure. A natural medicine doctor can examine your current diet and point out any deficiencies or excesses that may be contributing to your poor health. They will help you find ways of eating and moving your body that can combat diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. You don't need to be in great shape or have excellent willpower to make powerful changes; your natural medicine doctor will meet you where you're at.

3. Examine all the factors that contribute to health and disease.

Sometimes the factors that contribute to disease are not readily apparent. Over time, a poor diet can lead to illness, but non-tangible factors like stress can also contribute. Your natural medicine doctor will talk with you to understand your lifestyle. Your job, habits, and even relationships can all have an effect on your overall wellness. By providing counseling and working with you to find solutions to your problems, a natural medicine doctor can help you optimize your life so you can feel better each day.

4. Utilize gentle treatments with minimal side effects.

Medications can be useful for treating certain acute and chronic illnesses. However, pharmaceutical medications may be best when used as a last resort due to their side effects. A natural medicine doctor can help you find treatments, such as lifestyle modifications and herbal remedies, which may address your symptoms without causing additional problems. Natural healing modalities, such as herbal supplements and acupuncture, can even be used in conjunction with Western medicine when appropriate. 

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