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Ways To Improve Your CBD Gummy Experience

CBD gummies provide a convenient and tasty way to enjoy the benefits of cannabinoids. You can take one in the morning to ease stress before a big day or chew one at night to help you relax and fall asleep. After a little experimenting with dosing and timing, you should get a pretty good sense of how CBD gummies work for you, and how your body responds. But there may still be a few ways for you to get more out of the CBD gummy experience. Consider these suggestions.

Split gummies in half, if needed.

CBD dosing is fairly individualistic. For example, you may need 30 mg of CBD to feel the desired effects, while a friend needs 50 mg to experience the same changes. Depending on how your gummies are dosed, going up a whole gummy may mean substantially increasing your dose of CBD. So, don't hesitate to split a gummy in half or even in quarters if doing so will make it easier to reach your desired dose. Maybe you've been taking one 20 mg gummy and it's not quite enough. Split a gummy in half and take one and a half gummies for a total of 30 mg. 

If you think you may split gummies, it is best to buy ones that are uniform in shape, such as cubes. You can usually split them with a butter knife.

Take them with a snack.

You can take CBD gummies on an empty stomach; it should not cause any issues. However, there can be some benefits to taking them with a snack instead. More specifically, consider taking them with a snack that contains some fat. CBD dissolves well in fat, so taking CBD gummies with a fatty snack can increase the rate of absorption. This means you'll feel the effects of CBD faster than you would when taking the gummies alone.

Some good snacks to enjoy with your CBD gummies include peanut butter and crackers, cheese and pretzels, or a handful of almonds. You could also try a bowl of cereal with some milk; just make sure the milk contains some fat.

With the ideas above, you can get even more out of your CBD gummy experience. These gummies can be really effective, so there is no reason not to use them to their fullest. Find a brand you love and you can enjoy relief again and again in the ways that best serve you.

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