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FAQs About Acid Rock Hemp Flower

Acid rock is a variety of hemp flower that is showing up more and more in recent years. The strain has been cultivated for its high CBD content, and people enjoy using it to calm their anxiety, manage pain, and reduce inflammation. If you're new to the world of CBD and hemp, or if you're simply new to this strain, you might have some of the following questions about it.

What are the flowers like?

Visually, acid rock hemp flower isn't too distinct. The flowers, or buds, as they are often called, tend to be on the lighter side. So don't be surprised if, when buying acid rock hemp flower by weight, it looks like you're getting a lot. It's less dense than other strains, so it takes up more space. The flowers are a pretty standard, medium green with some yellowish hairs. Since acid rock hemp is usually grown inside, the buds do tend to be large.

How much CBD does acid rock hemp contain?

This depends on how, exactly, the plant is grown, but it's fairly common for it to register at 13 or 14% CBD. This is considered to be a medium CBD content. It's definitely potent enough to have a profound and lasting effect. In addition to CBD, though, acid rock hemp flower is really high in various terpenes. These not only give the hemp flowers a distinct scent, but they also tend to enhance the therapeutic qualities.

What is it like to smoke acid rock hemp?

Acid rock hemp flower is very relaxing for a medium-CBD-content strain. presumably thanks to its high terpene content. It is good for calming stress and anxiety. Although it may not be the first choice for pain relief, it does have pain-relieving qualities and can be used to manage headaches, arthritis pain, and similar ailments. The flavor is strong and earthy with some citrus notes. It's a very strongly flavored strain, which is why first-time CBD flower users are not always that enthused by it.

What is the best way to smoke acid rock hemp flower?

Because it has such a strong flavor, acid rock hemp flower is best smoked using methods that result in smaller inhales. Rolling it in papers or using a one-hitter is preferred to smoking it from a pipe.

Hopefully, some of your questions about acid rock hemp flower have been answered! This is a great strain to try if you're looking for that CBD relief.

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