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Controlling Body Odor: How To Not Smell Like Flowers, But Not Stink Like Onions Either

Every adult has his or her own "natural scent." While it supposedly attracts mates through the the secretion of pheromones in the smelly sweat, it is not something you really want to be smelling. Most of the common deodorants are really just masking smell. There is also the issue where some people's noses are overly sensitive to fragrances, in which case your antiperspirant or deodorant is just to much for them. It begs the question, then, how does one control body odor without reeking of baby powder or flowers? Well, the following options are some ways people have learned to control sweat and body odor naturally.

Washing Offending Body Parts Daily

​You would not want to shower every day (even though a lot of people do). This tends to cause the skin to get really dry, scratchy, itchy, and then overproduce too much oil to compensate from the loss of body oils that keep the skin from drying out. However, since you cannot go several days without cleaning up either, the only real solution is to wash the offending body parts at the bathroom sink on the days when you are not going to shower. A good bit of soap and water goes a long way, and you may not notice any body odor coming from you until the end of the work day, possibly a little longer. If you want some added protection, read below.


​Cornstarch absorbs a ton of moisture. It is one of the main ingredients in a natural body powder. For people who are now concerned about talc causing major reproductive health issues, cornstarch is the most practical and sensible switch. It does not exhibit much of an odor either. Apply the cornstarch lightly to your armpits after you wash with soap and water. 

Baking Soda

​Baking soda is an all-natural odor absorber. People use it in their refrigerators to absorb food odors, and it does quite a good job. Imagine what it can do for personal hygiene. If you combine baking soda with cornstarch, you get a truly all-natural odor and moisture defense product that will keep you dry and not make you smell like anything. 

​Women's Unscented Natural Deodorant (There Is a Men's Version, Too!)

​Natural health stores sell this type of womens unscented natural deoderant. There is no detectable scent at all. It is a clear solid that you rub on, and it works for the rest of the day. 

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