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How Occupational Therapy Benefits Stroke Victims

Recovering from a stroke is difficult and poses many emotional and physical challenges, especially for someone that has been used to being on their own and completely independent. If you or someone you love has been left paralyzed on one side because of a stroke, learning more about the benefits of occupational therapy is important.

Re-Gaining Your Independence One Step At A Time

Learning how to live on your own again after a stroke can be challenging, but with the help of an experienced occupational therapist, you can do it. Being independent again means you leaning how to do daily tasks on your own and without help, despite being paralyzed. A therapist can teach you ways to do things with one hand while you are in a wheelchair. For example, if you want a cup from the cabinet, getting it out without trouble is easier with an extended reaching tool that has a rubber grabbing hook on the end of it. You can learn more from your therapist about other unique tools to help you keep as much of your independence intact as possible like a special tool for squeezing out tooth paste or one that helps you keep your nails trimmed and filed.

Going Back Into Your Home For The First Time After A Stroke

If you have suffered a stroke that has left you paralyzed on one side, your home will need to undergo some changes for making it easier on you to maintain independence. An occupational therapist can walk through your home and point out the things that need to modified or completely changed. For example, you will need to have rails installed in your bath for making it easier to get in and out the shower. You might also need to have a lifted toilet seat. Your therapist may stay with you in your home an entire day for learning which activities you need assistance with the most. In this way, he or she will be able to recommend the most suitable equipment for you to start learning how to use every day.

Training For Cognitive Recovery

One of the most challenging aspects of stroke recovery for many people is getting back their mental capacity. Being able to remember the year or the day of the week may be harder after your brain has endured the stress of a stroke. However, your occupational therapist has been trained in ways to help you regain cognitive functioning for things like memory recall and how to abate sudden confusion without panic. One of the greatest benefits of having an occupational therapist is you have someone to talk to that understands what you are experiencing and usually has ways to help you deal with it.

Recovering from a stroke can be less painful and overwhelming with the help of a trained occupational therapist (like those at Advanced Physical Therapy Of South Jersey).

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