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2 Things You Can Do If You Have Blocked Fallopian Tubes

If you are a woman trying to get pregnant, it may be more challenging than you realize. This is especially the case if one or both of your Fallopian tubes are blocked. Blocked tubes are a problem for about 40% of women with fertility issues, because the egg is unable to descend through the tubes into the uterus, preventing pregnancy. Tubes can be blocked with fluid, cysts or adhesions and scar tissue resulting from ectopic pregnancies and other medical conditions. However, even if your tubes are blocked, you can try some natural treatments to clear them and become pregnant. Here are some ideas to try.   


Massage can be soothing to your reproductive system for a number of reasons. For one thing, massage increases blood flow to the area, providing the area with oxygen-rich blood that can heal the area while carrying excess hormones and toxins away.

To do self-massage on your abdominal area, first you need to find your uterus. Put each hand on either side of your belly button, joining your thumbs so that they form the bottom line of a triangle. Then, point your index fingers at each other and join them to make the top of the triangle. That is the general area of your uterus, and your Fallopian tubes are generally located where your palms are.

Once you know where your uterus and Fallopian tubes are, gently use your fingertips to massage the area in a clockwise motion, moving from the uterus area out to the area where the tubes are.

Use Castor OIl Packs

Any toxins and pathogens in the Fallopian tubes can cause salpingitis, the swelling and inflammation of the Fallopian tubes. Over time, the swelling can cause scarring inside your tubes so they are blocked. That is why it's important to detoxify your body if you want to unblock your Fallopian tubes; you must reduce inflammation and dislodge scar tissue. 

One popular natural treatment for detoxifying your reproductive system is to use a castor oil pack. A castor oil pack can be made by soaking a few pieces of flannel or cotton, wrapping them in plastic wrap and applying the pack to your abdomen. Finally, put a hot water bottle over the pack. In theory, the castor oil pack works to hasten the removal of toxins, as castor oil is said to kick start the lymphatic system and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Use the information in this article to help you unblock a blocked Fallopian tube. Be sure to talk to your doctor, so they can ensure your health stays good while you are trying any blocked Fallopian tube natural treatment, and remember to maintain good health as you continue to try to get pregnant.

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