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Three Ways Psychic Healing Can Help After Childbirth

During nine months of pregnancy, childbirth, and the first year after pregnancy, a woman's body undergoes severe changes. These changes, such as relatively fast weight gain and the spreading of the hips, often result in uncomfortable or painful side effects. These can include physical symptoms such as cramping as the uterus returns to its normal size, pain in the sciatic nerve, and hemorrhoids or mental issues such as anxiety and depression. While you should work closely with your doctor to monitor your recovery after childbirth, you may also benefit from alternative psychic healing such as Reiki or other energetic manipulations. 

Relieve Physical Tension 

Many types of psychic healing are somewhat similar to massage. However, instead of touching your skin and manipulating your muscles, a practitioner will usually move their hands just above your skin and manipulate the energy field around you. This can be combined with a traditional massage to increase relaxation and blood flow to problem areas. While you are receiving a psychic treatment, you will usually feel warmth or a slight tingling sensation. By working on the energy around your stomach and vagina, a practitioner can help tense muscles relax, which can help cramping and issues with elimination. 

Process a Traumatic Birth Experience

Even if you had a low-risk vaginal birth and did not experience much pain, the process of allowing a baby to pass through you can cause subtle psychic trauma. A psychic healer can help you identify these traumas and process them. Accepting these traumas and integrating them into your personal history can help reduce anxiety that causes you to hold tension in your muscles including the abdomen, back, and neck. 

Supply Greater Energy Levels 

Many new mothers complain of a lack of energy. This is because they are often caring for a baby full time after the physically demanding event of childbirth. With little sleep and extra chores, low energy levels can quickly turn into exhaustion, anxiety, and depression. A psychic healer can help you learn to meditate, drawing energy from yourself and the world around you. This can make your periods of rest more efficient at restoring your energy. 

Alternative methods of health care, such as psychic healing, should be used as a complement to western medicine. It is important to take the advice of your doctor into consideration and let any alternative therapists you are working with know about pre-existing conditions and medications you are currently taking. Visit for more information.

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